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Sunday, January 27, 2013

3 Steps How To Make Money Blogging Online

There are many ways to earn money through internet. Various online money making jobs and businesses are
available and you are sure to earn good profit by working in your leisure hours. Blogging is also an easy way to earn money through internet. You don’t require any specific qualification or experience to create a blog. Blogs can be created very easily in less expense. In this article you will learn on creating your own blog and earning money through it.

1] The first step of creating a blog is getting the domain name. There are various directories in the internet from where you can purchase domain for less amount. Registering your domain costs less than $10. During registration you should choose a domain name that suites your business. It is always better to choose a short domain name. Your domain name will be your website address where you will receive the customers. The domain name you choose should contain the word that is used in search engines. Suppose, if your blog is going to speak on any books, then you can select your domain name as books dot com and so on. In this way you can increase the ranking of your blog in search engines.

2] Next, you should find out a hosting company to host your blog. You will find both paid and free hosting companies in the internet. Most of the free hosting companies do not provide essential tools that are required for blogging. So, my advice is to choose a professional web hosting company like hostgator. The blog hosting companies offers discounts for the new users through their discount coupon codes. So, you can get best hosting service in less cost by using these discount coupons.

3] And finally, you should start loading the contents in your blog. Web hosting companies like hostgator offer
numerous useful tools with their dedicated service plan. cpanelx is a useful tool used to create wordpress facility in your blog. So, you can easily update your blog contents on your own. Maintenance is very easy with wordpress.  When you start running your blog you can earn money in various ways. You can allow others to post advertisements in your blog and take money for every click that is made by the user. You can also work as an affiliate marketer for popular sites like Amazon. First you must find out which product has more demand with the people and post content on such topics in your blog. So, you will get many users through search engines to your blog. When the user clicks the advertisement on your blog he/she will be driven to the sales page. So, you will get commission for every product that is sold through your website.

If you want to make profit consistently, you need to change the blog contents frequently. Your blog should be interesting one to the audience and should provide information on current events. Updating is very much essential to keep your blog live and active.

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